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Raise your hand if a nice quiet weekend on the coast sounds amazing right about now. *Both hands to the sky*

Blue skies, crisp air, and the smell of salt water and crispy, colorful leaves make spending time on the Washington coast this time of year so refreshing and calming.

I posted about the adorable town of Seabrook earlier this year, but Beau and I took another long weekend there a couple of weeks ago. We had such an amazing time kicking off the new season with some extreme relaxation.

Taking a weekend to unplug and recharge in this sweet seaside town felt so good. We got a ton of sleep (fell asleep before 9:30 every night!), which must have been our bodies telling us that we needed a few days to rest. Aside from cuddling up to the fire, watching movies and reading on the porch, here are a few things you can’t miss when you are visiting Seabrook for the weekend:

Anchorsteam Seabrook Cottage Rentals

We stayed in the Anchorsteam cabin and I LOVED it. We probably should have invited another couple to join us because there was plenty of room compared to the tiny house we had in January.Β I was so in love with this little cabin! I dream of having a porch like this and a toasty indoor fireplace.

Frontagers Pizza

I only have one word: focaccia. They make their focaccia to order in a miniature cast iron skillet in the pizza oven and it is such a treat. Already looking forward to the next time I get to score this carb load!

Red Velvet Bakery By the Sea

In addition to the two restaurants in Seabrook, is Red Velvet Bakery By the Sea. This cute little shop is a must for coffee and the most amazing pastries and treats. We went before we hit the road home for some treats to snack on during the drive back north.

Walking the Beach

Breathing in that nice, cool marine air is good for the soul.

Taking Lots of Walks Around Seabrook

The town of Seabrook is the cutest and is great for walking. I wish I lived in a town that tiny where I could walk everywhere.

Mopeds on Ocean Shores

We decided to venture to Ocean Shores on Saturday and rented some mopeds. Highly recommend if you want a fun activity to break up the weekend!

There you have it! My guide to a relaxing weekend in Seabrook, the perfect place to press the reset button and enjoy some quality time with friends or family.




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