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I don’t know if you have heard the good news, but fall has officially arrived! It is finally the time of year when people go overly crazy for warm drinks, Hocus Pocus, pumpkin flavored everything, crispy leaves and the opportunity to get cozy inside on a cold day.

I am certainly not above this craziness and am ready for rain coat weather here in Seattle. Here is my bucket list for the next few months, sorry to disappoint but it does not include pumpkin spice lattes.

1. Experiment in the Kitchen

I FINALLY had my first success with a low-carb baking projectΒ – pumpkin bread with some cacao nibs. I found the recipe from a website I found called Simply So Healthy and they have tons of delicious looking ideas. Definitely want to try making theseΒ meatball subs, casseroles and this chicken pot pie. It’s also time to bust out the crock pot for some chili and stew!

2. Weekend AdventuresΒ 

So many possibilities with this one. I think it would be fun to go back to Friday Harbor for a day trip, or maybe even Leavenworth or Portland. For the first weekend of fall, I had an amazingly relaxing weekend in Seabrook, which I will post about later, but looking forward to finding some closer day adventures to go on. Maybe this year will be the year I finally get to see the Roloff Farms in Oregon.

3. DIY Projects & Crafting

The ghost of crafting past has been gently knocking on my little heart lately. Your girl loves a good DIY project and being forced indoors during this wonderful time of year is the prime time to get crazy with some glue guns. I’m thinking about learning how to make candles, finding an easy and efficient way to get photos printed and organized, making more canvas banners, and revisiting my love for water colors. Sorry Beau, I plan on going on dates with a couple of dudes named Michael & Ben Franklin.

4. Sweaters & Layers on Layers

No explanation needed. A bittersweet goodbye to you, Seattle summer.

5. Pumpkins, Farm Animals, Warm Drinks, etc.

You know… all of the things on every fall bucket list out there…

6. Finish Office/Workshop at Beau’s

This is also a good time of year to work on home projects. Beau and I started turning his extra bedroom into an office/workshop. We just need to put some paint on the walls, retrieve some things from my storage unit and then I will throw some Pinterest/Etsy love at it and it will be ready to rock.

7. Focus on Health

This should be number one, but of course I put food as my number one. I want to focus on health this season. This will include continuing my Orangetheory workouts, cooking more homemade meals, packing fresher lunches with more protein and setting aside more time for alone time to journal and unwind. These are all things I know I should be doing regularly to keep me happy and sane, but it is easy let other things take priority. Adulting is hard.

8. Finally Get a Carharrt

I’ve been wanting this jacket for a long time, and this year is the year! It will be my first investment into my future as a farmer.

9. Celebrate!

Lots to celebrate during this season: Beau’s 30th birthday (tomorrow!), our 2-year anniversary (Sunday!), my cousin’s book release party in California, my sister’s new kitchen (headed to Coeur D’Alene soon), Thanksgiving with family, my 6th review season at work, crunchy leaves everywhere, making new work goals, and taking time to celebrate the small accomplishments along with the bigger ones.

10. Read, Read, Read

I love to read but I coincidentally also love doing tons of other things. Reading always gets the short end of the stick. Over the next 3 months, I would love to read 3 books: Dawn Again (my cousin’s book), The Butterfly Garden (creepy book that Beau is reading), and I have been wanting to read EssentialismΒ for a long time now. Time to finally pick those books up off of the bed side table and put the phone down! Maybe I will even download an audiobook for all of my hours spent in the car for extra credit.

Happy Fall ya’ll!




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