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By on August 29, 2017

This is my second year of gardening in my two Beau-made raised garden beds. We have had a super dry and very warm summer in Seattle which made my tiny garden 2.0 pretty fool proof. This year I bought Seattle Seed Company seeds which felt like one of the most Seattley things I have ever done.

I had one major lesson learned this year. Don’t buy weird coconut coir seed starts! I had two failed batches of seed starts which was very frustrating. I switched to Jiffy starts with normal soil for my third attempt and had no problem. Granted, there is definitely a chance there could have been some user error involved in the failures but I am glad I persisted and eventually took Beau’s advice to ditch the coconut (stubborn Steph strikes again).

This year I grew zucchini, red potatoes, one giant pumpkin (currently the size of a marble), green beans, snap peas, and some lettuces. I definitely narrowed down the variety this year to make sure I was growing stuff we would actually eat. Unfortunately our harvest was very small, but we had lots of green beans and the zucchinis are still coming but some kind of creature keeps beating us to them.


Tiny Garden 2.0 Lessons Learned:

  • Keep it simple with seed starts.
  • I need to find a method for continually planting seeds so that the harvest is continuous throughout the summer.
  • Do more research on varieties of seeds. Somehow I ended up with a weird type of green bean that tasted good but was very flat and HUGE.
  • Next year I hope I can have more space to really get crazy. Not sure if I have officially proven any gardening skills over the past two years, but I am ready to take it up a notch.

Going to wrap this post up by wowing you with this gold medal-worthy green bean. POW!




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