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By on August 28, 2017

For those of you who haven’t heard of Le Tote, you probably don’t listen to the same podcasts as I do because it is advertised all. of. the. time.

Le Tote is a service similar to Stitch Fix in that it is a clothing and accessory subscription. The primary difference is that the clothes are borrowed instead of purchased. I was slightly grossed out by this concept initially because I am a little bit of a germophobe, but also thought it could be interesting from a sustainability standpoint (although shipping might cancel out that benefit). Also, if I don’t have a problem buying clothes second hand, I shouldn’t feel any different about using Le Tote.

I selected the most inexpensive subscription which includes 3 clothing items and 2 accessories per month. The items are yours for the month and you can even buy the items at a discounted rate if you can’t part with one of them.

I just received my first box and here is what it included:


My initial thoughts on Le Tote:

  • I kind of very compulsively signed up for this service. It was so compulsive that I even forgot to use the discount codes that they always give on the podcasts. Anyway, I probably should have spent more time looking at what clothes they had available through this service before signing up. There are a few things I think are cute but generally speaking my style is not very compatible with Le Tote.
  • One benefit of Le Tote over Stitch Fix is you get to choose what comes to you every month.
  • While I love jewelry, I am not sure if having a bracelet to wear for a month is a big selling point for me. Next time I am going to go for necklaces.
  • I wonder if this service provides financial savings for people over the long run? I doubt it.
  • The app is pretty fun and kind of feels like you are scrolling through your sister’s closet and scoping out what you want to borrow next.
  • The clothing items I received seemed clean, didn’t have any stains or major signs of wear and tear. 2 of the 3 items seemed very small.
  • The only items in my box I wore more than once were the jean jacket and this bracelet. I don’t think I will miss either when I ship them back. It was nice to have something new in the mix for a few weeks even though they are both pretty staple and not very exciting.

I am going to wait for my second box to make my final decision on Le Tote. I am still pretty undecided but am thinking this is going to be a short term adventure. Happy Monday amigos!




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