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I have been hearing about Orangetheory Fitness through the grapevine for a while now. When I saw that a studio was opening close to work, I did some googling to check out the pricing and didn’t go any further in my research once I saw how expensive it was. I have also heard people talk about how sore they are after trying the classes which was intimidating. My interest was reignited after chatting for a while with Beau’s friend’s fiancΓ© about how much she loved it and how she felt like she finally found a workout she enjoys. This conversation was very timely because I haven’t been working out at all lately and am pretty unhappy with my overall health and was looking for something new that I liked and could stick with. I took the plunge and agreed to try a free class with her.

To summarize, the class is a combination of high-intensity interval training and weight training held in a very orange studio. Everyone wears heart rate monitors so that your heart rate can be tracked on large monitors in the room. The goal of the class is to get your heart rate in the orange zone for 12-20 minutes, which supposedly increases your metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after you work out. At the end of the class, you are emailed your stats (average heart rate, calories burned, how much time you spent in each heart rate zone, etc.).

Have I mentioned that I love data πŸ™‚

And the ruling is…LOVE IT! I really enjoyed the class and am so glad that I went with my friend even though I was pretty scared to try it. It was also very helpful having someone I know there helping me figure it all out. I have signed up for a monthly unlimited membership and am hoping that it is something that I can not only stick with, but also continue enjoying.


  • Loud music + instructor pumping you up for the full hour.
  • You burn a lot of calories! I burned 581 calories my first class.
  • Having the heart rate zones on a screen throughout class is a good visual for making sure you are pushing yourself enough and not slacking off. I think this is going to be especially helpful for me because in the past my compromise on days I didn’t want to work out was doing cardio on the elliptical while watching a show, which always resulted in weak sauce cardio.
  • I liked having my own station for every part of the class. You pick a number when you arrive to the studio and that number indicates what rowing machine, treadmill and weight station you will have during class.
  • All sorts of people take this class, you definitely don’t have to worry about what fitness level you are at. You can totally modify the class to make it as easy or as difficult as you want.


  • Expensive!
  • The treadmill portion can be a little confusing at first if you don’t have someone helping you.
  • A little intimidating.

I will keep you posted on this new adventure, but here is to me jumping back on the health train and seeing a lot more or the color orange in my future *cheers*.



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