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By on June 8, 2017

At some point while surfing the world wide web, I stumbled upon a bakery in Lake Stevens called Jenny Cookies Bake Shop and have been wanting to go check it out.

This weekend my sweet tooth dreams came true. We were the only ones in the store when we first got there but by the time we were leaving it was super packed. I loved that the women working there were all super nice and personable. They took the time to walk us through everything they had in their display and explained their changing menu – I love small businesses that are cool AND nice.

I walked in there thinking I would treat myself to a cookie (been trying to climb back onto the diet train since Sara’s wedding but am struggling majorly), and walked out with a full on sampler platter, shocker I know. Inside of my box of treats was a cookie dough cupcake, the cutest cake pop ever, a rice crispy treat that I ate before I could even take a picture and a chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie. Also bless my amazing diabetic Beau for treating me to this sugar feast, I love that guy.

This cake… *home alone cheek slap*

I’ll take one of everything on these shelves! I think everyone needs a sweatshirt that says COOKIES on it.

And just because – dreamy hammock Beau makes me happy.




Professional lover of stories, the harmonica, goats and burritos. Constantly daydreaming about living in the country, ice cream and decorating. Inspired by beautiful writing, the PNW, Beyonce and kindness. I'm guaranteed to have hearts in my eyes when the lighting is just right and am totally in love with my beau named Beau, who I found in the middle of fall, my favorite season. I sleep in my makeup, grew up on grunge music, embrace imperfection and am pretty excited about the gift of waking up every morning with choice to kick butt and love every minute of this wild ride.


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