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Our last big adventure took us through Dartmoor National Park which was worth the small detour. Driving through grassy plains with sheep scattered around (and sometimes on) the roadway was very cool.

MINIATURE PONY CENTRE . Our first stop was the Miniature Pony Centre in Dartmoor which is a little farm facility with tons of different animals but I was there for one reason alone: to frolic amongst endless tiny ponies.

Here I am at the tiny pony farm living my best life:

I felt so happy being surrounded by tiny ponies, one even followed me around which resulted in a video that was my only shot at being Instagram famous.

BOVEY CASTLE . Little did we know, less than two minutes down the road was our next fabulous stop: Bovey Castle. The grounds surrounding Bovey Castle felt like the perfect culmination of all of the beautiful scenery we had driven through up to that point. The castle was so epic and I am so glad we got to stay here at the end of our magical trip.

Once we scoped out our room and what was going on at the castle, we decided to have afternoon tea and were presented with this amazing spread.

Naturally I skipped the sandwiches and went straight for the desserts. Our entertainment while we enjoyed these tiny treats was some quality people watching including a woman who hits the road in her RV with her cat, and also a man with a very tall rounded hat that we never really figured out.

My love for the tiny ponies = Carly’s love for walking around the castle while playing the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack on her phone.

Carly’s birthday present to me was taking me clay pigeon shooting! Something that I had never done before and something I will definitely never forget. Shooting clay pigeons on the castle grounds felt so right. Carly had some serious skills, and I had some seriously weak muscles because I needed the instructors help to support the gun while shooting…

What an amazing adventure Carly and I had this week. It was exactly what I needed and felt like the perfect balance of rest, quality time with a sister and exploring this big beautiful world we live in. England – you are amazing and filled my heart up!





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