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This was our most action-packed day on our road trip. It involved some very narrow roads, improvised routes, a new hero, and some big mean rain clouds.

ST. IVES .Β First stop was St. Ives which started with me driving straight into the town (I’ll blame the GPS for this one) only to find that it isn’t really meant to be driven through because:

So we drove to the top of the town and found a park and ride with this million dollar view:

We had a great time wandering through lots of shops and searching for the most delicious looking pasty. Once we selected the winning pasty, we enjoyed them right by the water.

I was soaking in the movie moment: eating an English pasty the size of my head with my long raincoat on, a beautiful bay in front of me, and a slightly salty breeze. The moment was cut short by a seagull who clearly loves taking advantage of dumb tourists who love slowly enjoying a pasty while embracing said movie moment. The moment that flaky pastry was out of my mouth for more than 5 seconds, it was removed from my hands by a big, bold and brave seagulls. I was so shocked as I looked down at my giant pasty on the cobblestone being drug away to be consumed by a gang of birds. We laughed pretty hard so it was worth it.

LAND’S END . Our next stop was somewhat unplanned but after seeing signs for Land’s End we decided to stop and check it out. Land’s End is the most westerly point of England and has some amazing scenery. Our experience at Land’s End was extremely freezing, a little weird and deserted considering the weather and time of year, but also pretty epic. Here I am at Land’s End rocking the extreme head tilt.

Land’s End was an important milestone in our trip because Carly had the courage to finally order clotted cream. She described it as being delicious, creamy and kind of sour, which we realized later was perhaps not how it should have tasted. I had to order the nachos because I love trying other countries’ version of Mexican food because it is always so weird.

MINACK THEATRE . Our last stop of the day was the most difficult to find but was our favorite attraction we visited on the road trip. The Minack Theatre is SO FREAKING COOOOOL. It is an open-air theatre constructed in a cliff on the ocean. The woman who was the heart and brains behind this master piece, Rowena Cade, is Carly and I’s new hero. She had a vision, persevered and worked hard to make this theatre survive through the war and look at it now! Still operational and packed full of a beautiful history and succulents. Who runs the world? Rowena!

It rained on us pretty hard when we were wandering around the theatre (which was so epic that we felt like we shouldn’t be allowed to just walk around on our own) and we were ready to head to our hotel in Penzance – the Artist Residence.

The Artist Residence is a hotel with a few locations and they all looked very trendy and interesting. My favorite part about this hotel was the restaurant and lounge area. It had great vibes and we had a great meal, including a late night giant ice cream sundae by the fire. The continental breakfast was pretty weak sauce compared to the previous two. When I am abroad, I always order cappuccinos which is funny because I never really drink them here. It is a fun little tradition. A big foamy cappuccino in the morning was the best way to start every day on this trip.




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