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After being totally blown away by Babington House, I wasn’t sure we were going to experience anything that could surpass its excellence.

BEHOLD, day two of the road trip.

CHEDDAR GORGE . Not far from Babington House is the Cheddar Gorge which was something I stumbled upon on Pinterest. Driving through a picturesque gorge named after a delicious cheese turned out to be everything I hoped it would be. Plus, we saw a billy goat on the cliffs and I was very excited by this wild animal sighting.

Once we made it through the beautiful winding gorge, we landed in the town of Cheddar where we walked around, shopped, had tea and Carly and I discussed how gross clotted cream sounded and wondered what it could possibly be. Next stop was Tintagel, the home of Camelot’s Castle and Merlin’s Cave.

TINTAGEL . When we arrived to Tintagel, the guided tour office was closed but we were still able to walk down and explore the castle ruins. I hadn’t actually done the research so we weren’t exactly sure what we were supposed to be looking for and what we were potentially missing out on by not having a map or guide. Nevertheless, we had a nice walk in the cove, through some ruins (assuming these were related to Camelot), and on the stunning sea bluff.

Carly posing in what we believe to be Merlin’s Cave:

We ran into a local couple walking their dog on the bluff and they pointed us in the direction of a nice route back up to Tintagel. Nothing like a bright pasture full of tiny sheep friends playing by the seaside.

The drive between Tintagel and Watergate Bay was probably my favorite part of the entire road trip which is saying a lot considering all of the territory we covered. It was the most beautiful magic hour: rolling green hills illuminated by the colorful sky, speckled with sheep and outlined by the ocean in the distance. Here was our view as we rolled up to our hotel:

WATERGATE BAY HOTEL . Not only was this my favorite driving memory, it also led us to my favorite hotel we stayed at during the whole trip. Watergate Bay was my favorite for a lot of reasons, the view we were greeted with being a big one.

Not to mention the lobby, rooms, and restaurant were all so cute and we were greeted with a huge platter of chocolates in the room thanks to Carly and her mother’s great taste for life.

Relaxing in their beautiful restaurant/lounge area was the perfect end to the day. Carly worked on a school paper, I did some journaling and we laughed and ate an awesome meal followed by dessert.

Another bonus was that our room came with a free continental breakfast and it did not disappoint even after Babington House set the bar so high. This continental breakfast also ended up being more like a gourmet buffet. When something includes that many silent t’s you know it has to be good. The colors and design of the restaurant were so fitting for the overall vibe of the hotel. I wish this is what my own dining room looked like! The ocean view was the cherry on top.




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