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When I studied abroad in college, my group studied tourism in Interlaken, Switzerland. We read a book called The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton and it has forever impacted the way that I travel.

The book talks about one of the biggest challenges to overcome while travelling: staying in the moment. Even the excitement and adventure of being somewhere far from home doesn’t prevent you from feeling tired or hungry, stop your shoes from hurting, or distract you from that important email you just read and can’t stop thinking about.

One of my favorite ways to stay present during travel is to fully embrace the fact that I am a tourist (when appropriate). Sometimes it helps you remind yourself where exactly you are and to soak it all in. Exhibit A:

This trip came to be because my honorary sister Carly was in Spain speaking at a conference and asked if I wanted to go on an adventure. Pull my leg! Since she is very busy with school, I got to plan our week adventure in the UK. We only stayed in London for 2 days but we packed them full of fun activities and saw a lot! Our London activities included:

BB BAKERY BUS TOUR . Double-decker bus tour meets afternoon tea. The mini sandwiches and tiny desserts weren’t necessarily the best, but it was such a unique and fun activity that I would recommend it to anyone in London for a short period of time. The BB Bakery Bus Tour drives you past many of the main sites and is a good way to get an idea of what the city has to offer.

LONDON EYE . The London Eye is a great way to see the layout of the city and is also exciting being so high up by the river.

SHAKESPEARE GLOBE . This was something that Carly was interested in seeing and it was a really fun tour. Definitely recommend to those who like theatre and history. We learned tons of fun facts about how interactive and stinky live theatre was when Shakespeare was around.

TATE MODERN MUSEUM . This was our last stop on our first day of exploring and we wandered through the  museum for a while until we urgently needed dinner. One of my favorite exhibits had some car bumpers and what looked like heaps and heaps of brown yarn. Unfortunately it ended up being heaps and heaps of human hair and I was very grossed out. Lots of weird exhibits but overall very cool.

BREWDOG .  Carly and I stopped into this bar after dinner one night and I loved its vibes. After a little research, turns out there are multiple locations and I’m not the only one who thinks it is a cool hang out spot.

HOXTON HOLBORN . We stayed at the Hoxton Holborn for our few nights in London and it was great. I loved all of the windows in our room, it made it feel like we were staying in a tree fort. The rooms came with really cute breakfast bags hanging on your door in the morning, and lots of maps and recommendations for where to explore. The food was delicious and the lounge looked like a very popular place for people to meet and work.


WICKED THE MUSICAL AT THE APOLLO . I am glad we had time to see a musical while we were in London, but unfortunately we picked the wrong one. Neither of us were big fans of this show, but it was fun to go out and see the Apollo.

ENIGMA ESCAPE ROOMS .  We did two escape rooms at Enigma and we escaped both. The first room was prison themed and Carly and I escaped, the room was pretty average and nothing too out of the ordinary. The facilitator convinced us to do their other room, and this time Carly’s friend joined us. The second room was murderer themed and was kind of creepy and scary – my least favorite type of escape room! There was definitely some screaming involved, but we made it out of the room under 60 minutes.

WALKING TOUR . Carly’s friend from college who is living in London gave us a fabulous walking tour and we covered a lot of ground. Definitely recommend having someone help you navigate the city if you are short on time because there is so much to see and getting around can be a little confusing.

London is a happening city with so much to see. I am happy with all of the things we got to see in a couple of days and am ready for some time away for the city.




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