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This weekend we went on a getaway to a tiny seaside town. Seabrook was built in 2006 and looks like something out of Sunset magazine. It is a rapidly growing community that seems like it was built with dreamy family vacations and weekend getaways in mind. Every house is colorful and unique, many of them with lights strung on the front porch. It felt safe and cozy, but definitely the kind of place that would be more exciting and lively in the summer. Considering the time of year, our outdoor activities were very limited, so our only mission for the weekend was to do a lot of nothing and watch a lot of Harry Potter.

Check out our adorable little cabin! It was perfect for the two of us, although it technically could have slept two more. These small cabins form a semi circle around a shared fire pit. It would be so fun to come with some friends and rent a few of these little guys!

We had dinner at one of the two restaurants in town – Mill 109. The restaurant felt super cozy and the food was impressive. I hurried us along because Β I was eager to get back to the tiny cabin so we could begin the Harry Potter marathon. We made it through one DVD, got very excited about the next one, and both passed out almost immediately after starting it, at approximately 10:30pm. Talk about old.

The next day we relaxed in the morning and went for a walk, got coffee and made breakfast in our cabin. We went for a drive on the beach and then had appointments at Spa Elizabeth, which was recommended to me by a friend. I had a facial and Beau got a massage, and holy cow, it was so relaxing I was dozing off towards the end. Spa Elizabeth left us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and I can’t wait to go back!

Conveniently located right next to the spa is an adorable wine and cheese bar called the Stowaway which had our names written all over it. We were covered in massage oil and had crazy hair but nothing can stop us from enjoying some snacks.

The day concluded with more Harry Potter, and falling asleep before 11.

We stopped in to Frontager’s for breakfast before hitting the road and it was SO good. We didn’t go there for dinner since it is a pizza place at night (not the best option for my diabetic Beau), but their breakfast skillets and french press coffee were amazing. Plus the skillets are served with delicious pesto bread sticks. My love affair with carbs continues…

Unfortunately a weekend is never long enough and it flew by way too quickly but we had a really fun time exploring and relaxing (and eating) and we can’t wait to come back!




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